Washington State Bar Association

The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) is a mandatory member-bar-association with over 34,000 members in Washington state, around the country, and around the world. To practice law in Washington state you must be a member of the WSBA. A perk of being a member is a subscription to the monthly magazine, NWLawyer, which features articles about topics pertinent to practicing law and civil legal aid. Contributing writers range from Supreme Court Justices to educators, and Brandscape’s job was to make all of those wonderfully written words look captivating on the page. Brandscape was brought in to transition the magazine to a more current look, while maintaining the seriousness of the content. Over the course of three months every detail of the magazine was subtly improved. During this process the long-time reader base was not disrupted and the more design-keen individuals sent many kudos along with requests for sections of the magazine to be sent to them one-off, to use as teaching aids and handouts for presentations. As word of the more appealing design circulated among the law community, so did awareness of the WSBA, membership and governance issues.