The Main Branch

The Main Branch offers custom websites, app solutions, software products, and a never-ending stream of innovative ideas. The founding partners are the kind of guys that every design firm wants to work with, and lucky for Brandscape they partnered with us to design their new website. Targeting two different key markets, each website was adorned with The Main Branch's overall brand look-n-feel, while featuring different messaging for each unique audience. Like every website project, the Brandscape creative team built out a multitude of computer and device sizes for optimal responsiveness, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Developers never have to guess how to adjust the UI for responsiveness and the end user is always met with the most appropriate and intentional design for the computer or device they happen to be using. 

TMB_Pitch Deck for VENUTIZE FOR BS Website_V1.jpg
TMB_Pitch Deck for VENUTIZE FOR BS Website_V12.jpg
TMB_Pitch Deck for VENUTIZE FOR BS Website_V13.jpg
TMB_Pitch Deck for VENUTIZE FOR BS Website_V14.jpg
TMB_Pitch Deck for VENUTIZE FOR BS Website_V15.jpg