SEE Everything Everytime

The See Everything Everytime Light is a revolutionary new product that is changing the way health care professionals illuminate hard-to-see places on the human body. As a full-time nurse and product rep, the inventor of the SEE Light was too busy for marketing and design. Enter, Brandscape! In conjunction with marketing partner Atlas Inbound, Brandscape incorporated data gleaned from beta testing [the SEE Light] to create a brand look-and-feel that is indicative of top-tier medical products. In no time at all, Brandscape created a working, responsive website, brochure, and collateral such as business cards and letterhead that provides this start-up with the professional public-facing image that every new business needs to hit the ground running.

SEE_Pitch Tank_Slide Set Up for BS Website_V3_SFW.jpg
SEE_Pitch Tank_Slide Set Up for BS Website_V3_SFW2.jpg
SEE_Pitch Tank_Slide Set Up for BS Website_V3_SFW3.jpg