Jina Constantin, president and principal creative for Brandscape, has been in the field over fifteen years and has earned a reputation as a top designer and creative director.

During Jina’s tenure in the design biz, she has racked up an impressive amount of diverse experiences. In 2009 she ran the most profitable annual campaign at Macy’s and in 2012 she received an award for best publication design at Diamond Cake. She has successfully run the total creative operations of two ad agencies, oversaw the art department at a Fortune 200 company, and has simultaneously managed and creative directed five magazines. Jina’s award-winning experience and skill in branding, typography, composition, and design for digital and print prompted her to step out on her own to bring her expertise to the masses. Enter Brandscape. 

Although Jina personally executes much of Brandscapes deliverables, to meet the growing demand for visual communication in our digital world, Brandscape partners with other content experts to provide a virtual design department offering a la carte services to best suit your needs. This team approach gives Brandscape the creative edge necessary to actualize your design ambitions.

Jina’s philosophy is that branding and design should not be hard. If a project seems stuck or is losing momentum, it might be time to switch directions or find a new design expert. Brandscape will use data, research, intel, and information to provide winning solutions that speak to you and your target market. Brandscape is here to support your vision, not ours.

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Coming to you from Seattle, Brandscape serves clients worldwide! Through a variety of platforms along with local in-person meetings, we bring our services to you to provide winning solutions for your vision.


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